About InlandLinks

About InlandLinks

InlandLinks makes the intermodal possibilities for transport to and from the port of Rotterdam clear. Inland terminals, empty depots and rail and barge operators are found easily via the website, so that you can see which services and facilities match your transport needs. The route planner provides the best intermodal routes based on point of departure and destination. InlandLinks, with various tools which increase the transparency of intermodal transport, forms a unique instrument for the logistics sector.


Find inland terminals easily

InlandLinks maps out the inland terminals with connections to and from the port of Rotterdam. Finding a terminal based on your location or destination is simple and provides an overview of the terminals at the location and/or in the immediate vicinity.

You can also filter on various criteria so that you find the terminals that best suit your specific needs.Are you looking for an inland terminal with facilities for hazardous cargo or reefer containers? InlandLinks uses the selected criteria to show the terminals which best meet your requirements. All selection criteria have been tested and reviewed by the independent certification agency Lloyds Register. InlandLinks also provides general information for each inland terminal such as opening hours, size, facilities and contact details. Requesting a quote from a terminal is as easy as pressing a button.


Find a container depot for empty containers

Almost a quarter of all containers transported are empty. This transport of ‘air’ is costly and impacts the environment unnecessarily. The container depot search function helps you find pick-up and drop-off points for empty containers. It is simple to find a container depot according to location and/or container shipping line where you can pick up or drop off empty containers. This means that empty containers no longer have to be transported back to the port of Rotterdam. This clever tool of InlandLinks’ helps reduce the transport of empty containers, which results in costs saving and a more sustainable logistics chain.


Find the best intermodal route with the route planner

It has never been this simple to determine the most efficient and most sustainable routes to and from the port of Rotterdam. The intermodal route planner of InlandLinks uses the required point of departure, destination and departure or arrival dates to determine the three best intermodal routes to and from the port of Rotterdam. The suggested routes contain separate information about inland terminals, transit times, barge or rail connections, possible pre- and post-transport and the reduction of CO2 emissions compared with road transport.


Rail and inland shipping services

InlandLinks maps out the rail and inland shipping services to and from the port of Rotterdam. On the basis of your point of departure or destination you can find a service with the corresponding information about operators, frequencies and transit times. You can even make a selection based on mode or operator. InlandLinks provides insight this way into the intermodal network offered by rail and barge operators.



InlandLinks was developed by the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Association of Inland Terminal Operators (VITO). Shippers and transport providers often indicated the need to have more insight into the intermodal services and options. The Port of Rotterdam Authority and VITO translated these signals from the market into InlandLinks. InlandLinks is a unique tool which offers the logistics sector sustainable and transparent connections.


Together with the relevant parties from the logistics sector, four main functions were developed which result in more insight into and transparency of the intermodal services and options: selecting and comparing inland terminals, container depots, connections and planning the best intermodal routes. The inland terminals are audited for InlandLinks by the independent certification agency Lloyds Register. The assessment criteria are tested in the market by shippers, carriers, deep sea and inland terminals.