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Groenervaren: platform for sustainability and innovation

Durability and innovation will be decisive in the coming years for the maritime sector, but the developments come rapidly one after another. Therefore ship owners and shipping companies find it difficult to keep up with them and carefully consider all the options. The platform Groenervaren provides clarity in all the chaos.This initiative is meant as an interactive online platform where companies, experts and ship owners/shipping companies can exchange information, experiences and opinions. Groenervaren started in the Netherlands,but is already sharing their knowledge in English and German as well. The ambition is to put all innovations of the maritime industry internationally on the map, for which a stabile base in the Netherlands is necessary.


Share,learn, succeed

The motto of Groenervaren is: share, learn, succeed. By sharing knowledge, individual entrepreneurs
learn from each other throughout the whole maritime sector, which results in successful investment decisions. The platform also aims at improving environmental performances in the maritime industry and offers help to inventors, designers and providers creating techniques and tuning in to the current market. There are many things happening, but the techniques and investments are not always effective. Is the maritime sector actually green and innovative? Many people are busy working on their new findings, but working together speeds things up and creates better results. The industry should let each other know what they are doing.





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