PCC Kutno Terminal
Intermodalna 5, 99-300 Kutno

phone: +48 24 361 77 06

Korte beschrijving

Terminal in Kutno is the first center of logistics and container handling which enables time and costs efficiency in handling cargo coming to the central Poland:

from the west (Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom)
from the east (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia)
and the sea ports, cargo in the north-south trade corridors (from Scandinavia, Far East).

The modern terminal is located directly on the railway line E-20, connecting Berlin with Warsaw and Moscow and further near the main railway line north-south (No. 131), on the Baltic-Adriatic Landbridge, and also close to national roads and motorways:

A1 motorway (Kutno East junction 3 km, Kutno North junction ca. 10 km))
DK 92 (Border of Poland-Poznan-Warsaw-Terespol-Boarder of Poland) - ca. 1 km
„Piątek” intersection of A2 Motorway (Nowy Tomyśl-Poznań-Stryków) - ca. 40 km
DK 1 (Cieszyn-Łódź-Gdańsk) - ca. 22 km
DK 60 (Łęczyca-Płock-Ostrów Maz.) - ca. 4km
Within a radius of 150-200 km from Kutno there are such major cities located: Warsaw, Lodz, Poznan, Bydgoszcz, but also smaller ones as Plock, Wloclawek, Konin, Kalisz and many others, which are easy to be reached for delivery of cargoes directly into the customers door.

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